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The Menopause Song

Your Name in Cellulite

Two Beautiful Stars

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"Two Beautiful Stars"

35mm  1992

Also available on video and on The Laughing Feminist Compilation

Two Beautiful Stars is a three and a half minute animated square dance. Tradition is combined with the unorthodox as the dancers ds-si-do in a parody of relations between the sexes. I used my experience as a printmaker to create the atmospheric backgrounds. The figures were drawn on a frosted acetate which allowed me to paint the back of the cel in the traditional manner while using pencil crayons to add shading in the front. The music was a combination of two traditional tunes melded on the spot by the musicians; Rosie Szerepi on violin, Lisa Light with her bodhran and accordionist Glen Watts. The call was written and performed by myself.


  • Focus On Women Arts Festival, Victoria, B.C.  
  • 18th Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Georgia.
    Awarded Honourable Mention for Best Animation film.
  • Women In the Director¹s Chair, Chicago, Illinois.
  • In-Sight'92, Edmonton, Alberta.



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