The Menopause Song

The Menopause Song


“The Menopause Song”

video 1996
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The Laughing Feminist Compilation

The Menopause Song is a four minute animated video about the positive aspects of reaching menopause. A bad day of cramps inspired me to write the song which was performed and recorded on Mayne Island with a group of friends. I restricted myself to using 48 pre-existing photographes of the singers and images from gardening catalogues which came in the mail. The pictures were digitized and then manipulated in the computer environment. This was my first (and only, so far) attempt to use the computer to animate with. I had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities.

We recorded the song at the home and studio of Clarence Deis who was using a state of the art recording set up powered by a car battery. There wasn’t enough juice to run a light at the same time so we gathered around the single microphone and sang by candle light as the sun set.



  • Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, Brazil



  • Ottawa International Animation Festival,ON


  • Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax,NS
  • 8th Annual St.John’s International Women’s Film and Video Festival, NL<
  • Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, Pennsylvania.
  • Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media,PQ
  • herland: a feminist film and video celebration, Calgary, AB


  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC
  • 23rd Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland, Or,
    Best of Fest Audience Award.