Play Ball

Play Ball
“Play ball!”

16mm, 1989

Also available on video and on The Laughing Feminist Compilation.


Play ball! is my first animated film. I made it at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as my graduating film. It is about dealing with fate’s curve balls when life does not proceed according to a deeply ingrained set of assumptions. To this day I can’t say I understand everything in this film.

The animation was drawn on paper using water soluble graphite and pencil crayons. I started working on the sound and music almost as soon as I started drawing. Since the school had a sound studio I was able to record myself singing into a four track tape recorder. I also experimented with the sound effects by reversing them or altering the speed.


  • Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
    Golden Sheaf Award for Best Animation.
  • Ann Arbour Film Festival, Anne Arbor, Michigan.
    Chosen for Festival Tour.
  • Athens International Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio.
  • Festival International de Cinema de Animacao, Espino,Portugal.
  • Montana Film and Video Festival, Helena, Montana.
    Awarded Best Non-commercial Animation.
  • Uppsula Film Festival, Uppsula, Sweden.
  • In-Sight’90, Edmonton, Alberta.



  • B.C. Student Film and Video Festival, Chilliwack, B.C.
  • Twentieth Canadian Student Film Festival, Montreal, P.Q.