Gail Noonan of Cartoonan Films makes engaging short animations on everything from body image, menopause, square dancing to lost mittens



More Sensitive

Life threatens to annihilate art as a performer sings his heart out to a less than attentive audience in a bar.

35mm 2003


Is a metaphor for both a poem by Robert Morgan and an experimental animation by me.

35mm 2002
also on video

Lost and Found

Is about the meeting of two kinds of fear when a couple of kids discover the world of street people.

35mm 1999

also on video

The Menopause Song

Join in the chorus as you look forward to, rather than dread the change of life.

video 1996

Your Name in Cellulite

Just how far will you go for beauty?

35mm 1995
also on video

Two Beautiful Stars

A square dance film of do si do and who leads who.

35mm 1992
also on video

Play Ball

A somewhat autobiographical look at life from a mid thirties perspective.

16mm 1989
also on video

"The first four films: Play Ball!, Two Beautiful Stars, Your name in Cellulite and The Menopause Song are available on a compilation tape called Cartoonan Films Volume 1, The Laughing Feminist.

All films are available on video. Order by .


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